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Electoral Roll Registration Privacy Notice - Message from RCT

posted 6 Sept 2013, 07:17 by Unknown user
Until this year, registration of individuals on the electoral roll has been undertaken via a household canvass by the LA, with one individual in the household confirming the residency of everyone listed.
Changes to national legislation, effective 2014, will require the local authority to undertake individual registration of citizens on the electoral roll, with a separate communication being sent to everyone eligible. This matching will also need to take place for individuals who are not yet aged 18+ in order that they will be included in relevant future elections.
The electoral services division will initially match their data to Central Government’s Department of Work and Pensions Database to establish a baseline. Following this, they will need to undertake additional data matches to council held databases, establishing the status of any unmatched individuals. The legislation has a specific section facilitating this identification work.
The ELL pupil database, Capita One, holds data relevant to the above exercise and Electoral Services will be using this. Education and Lifelong Learning are able to facilitate the provision of the data to Electoral Services securely, so they can meet their statutory duties. No action will therefore be required by schools.