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Vehicles on the school site at the end of the day

posted 12 Dec 2018, 23:25 by Mark Jones

Dear Parents

The school site is very busy at the end of the day. Many buses arrive and leave and a number of pupils cross the roads and travel up to buses / cars etc.

Many parents arrive at the school site while pupils are walking to the buses and then try to leave the site before the buses start to leave. This disorder causes a safety concern. It also means congestion occurs as the buses enter the site and when leaving.

I write to you again to inform you of the procedure. We do not want any vehicle to move on the school site until pupils are safely on the school buses.  I ask parents who collect their children not to come onto the school site between 2:50 and 3:10 pm.

You are welcome to arrive and leave the school outside of this window.

We do not want to have to prevent parents from entering the site or preventing them from leaving during the above times, but the safety of our pupils must take priority. I therefore ask you to follow this rule.

Thank you for your co-operation on this issue.

Governors' Annual Report to Parents

posted 15 Nov 2018, 01:54 by Mark Jones

Below is the summary annual report from the governors to parents. If you would like to have a copy of the full report, please contact the school.

Thank you/Diolch

School is open as usual on Monday 5/3/18

posted 4 Mar 2018, 06:31 by Mark Jones   [ updated 4 Mar 2018, 06:35 ]

Many thanks to the volunteers who helped with clearing the snow from the pathways and school entrance. It was raining heavily and everybody was soaking wet! Thanks for persevering so that we are able to open tomorrow.

Volunteers required.....

posted 3 Mar 2018, 05:09 by Mark Jones

Following the recent snow, we are anxious clear the pathways and the school entrance in order to be able to open on Monday (5/3/18). We would welcome your help!

We are hoping to get a team of volunteers to help between 10:30 amd 12:00 tomorrow (Sunday) at the school.

If you are available and are able to get to the school safely, please come over to help!

Thank you very much for your support.

Parent working group

posted 4 Dec 2017, 12:35 by Mark Jones   [ updated 4 Dec 2017, 12:35 ]

A parent working group meeting will be held at the school next Wednesday 13/12/17 from 4-5pm. We will be discussing school uniform as well as school systems and structures. If you are interested in attending, please inform the school so that we know potential numbers and for us to make the relevant arrangements. Thank you.

Chewing Gum

posted 25 Oct 2017, 11:12 by Mark Jones

Following significant expenditure on new carpets in 2 corridors and in 3 classrooms, as well as new furniture in a number of classrooms, we ask that pupils do not bring chewing gum to school. Thank you for your co-operation.

Estyn Inspection

posted 18 Oct 2016, 00:12 by Cenwyn Brain

Estyn will be inspecting the school on 21/11/16.

 A questionnaire seeking parents’ views can be completed at https://vir.estyn.gov.uk – deadline 31/10/16. You will receive the access code for the questionnaire via a letter from your child.

 You are also invited to meet with inspectors at the school at 5pm on 21/11/16. Further information about the inspection can be found in an Estyn leaflet which you will soon receive if you have not already done so.

A message from our new Headteacher

posted 10 Apr 2016, 13:23 by Elen George

Dear Parents, Pupils and Governors

It is a pleasure to start my job today as Head of Ysgol Gyfun Rhydywaun.

The school has a good reputation and high standards. My main priorities will be to ensure that these are maintained as the school develops to face the challenges of the future.

I look forward to working with you all.

Mark Jones

Happy New Year!

posted 4 Jan 2016, 01:17 by Elen George   [ updated 6 Mar 2016, 12:12 ]

Happy New Year!

Dear parents, guardians and pupils,

It is a privilege to undertake this role for a time before Mr. Mark Jones joins us as Headteacher of the school in April.

My priority is to ensure the best for our pupils, staff and school and that we continue to improve in all aspects. We will continue to ensure the highest standards of care and support for our pupils and lead and encourage them to be ambitious, to make progress and to take advantage of every opportunity to realise their potential.
With our dedicated and enthusiastic staff and unique pupils, we will go from strength to strength and ensure continued success for all stakeholders of the school.

Lisa Williams
Acting Headteacher

Letter from the Headteacher

posted 10 Dec 2015, 13:36 by Elen George

Dear parents, guardians and pupils of Ysgol Gyfun Rhydywaun,

I wish to draw your attention to whole school events in the near future.

1. The annual celebration of Christmas will be held at St Elfan’s Church on Wednesday December 16th, 2015 commencing at 6.30pm.  For tickets please contact Mrs Spearey on 01685 813500.
2. The final day of term will be Friday, December 18th 2015.  This will be a normal full day with pupils leaving the site as normal at 3 o’clock.
3. Spring term 2016.  The school will be open to all staff and pupils on Monday, January 4th 2016.

As you are aware, I will be leaving my post as headteacher from December 31st 2015.  From January 1st 2016 Miss Lisa Williams will be the acting headteacher and Miss Sioned Jones will be the acting deputy headteacher.  Interviews were conducted this week for the post and it is my pleasure to announce that Mr Mark Jones, Headteacher of Ysgol Gyfun Llangynwyd has been appointed as the next headteacher of Ysgol Gyfun Rhydywaun from April 11th 2016. 

The school has improved significantly in the past three years and I am very confident this pattern of success will continue.  I wish to thank the pupils, parents, teachers and governors of the school for your company, advice and support and wish you all the very best for the future.

Hywel Price

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