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02.04.20 UPDATE

posted 2 Apr 2020, 02:08 by Betsan Jones   [ updated 2 Apr 2020, 09:04 ]
Information regarding Free School Meals to parents living in RCT 
Your child will continue to receive a free school meal this week and arrangements remain the same.  However, the provision of chilled free school meals will end on Thursday 2nd of April. Two free school meals will be provided on the 2nd of April, one for the 2nd of April and another for the 3rd of April.  Parents/carers of children eligible for free school meals will shortly receive a letter from the Council detailing how to apply to receive a cash equivalent amount paid directly into your  bank account.  Please look out for this letter and if you have difficulty in registering or do not have access to the internet, then please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Betsan Jones

Information regarding Free School Meals to parents living in Merthyr
Merthyr are now moving to a voucher system for the Easter Holiday period and parents will be provided with a voucher of £39 per child to cover the 2 week period i.e. to the value of £3.90 per day per child.

The voucher is being provided to cover food and toiletries and parents will be advised of this when they receive the letters by post next week.

If any parents want to advise of a change of address then they must provide the following information to by no later than Sunday 5th April 2020

For each child eligible for FSM

  1. Full Name
  2. D.O.B.
  3. School 
  4. Previous Address inc. post code
  5. Current Address inc. post code


We are still finalising the details of the supermarket chains whose vouchers we will be providing to families. Further detail will be provided as soon as possible and we will be making an announcement of the plans via our social media channels before the end of the week.

Just to give you advance notice the plan moving beyond the Easter period is to introduce a direct payment system into parents’ bank accounts with the option of a voucher instead of bank transfer for those families that prefer to receive a voucher.

If there is a problem,  please contact Mrs Betsan Jones and we will organise the vouchers for you via Merthyr CBC.

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Over the coming weeks YEPS is providing information, guidance and support for young people in RCT as well as creating opportunities for them to connect with staff and other young people through online completions and challenges. Please encourage your child to access this at and via YEPS Facebook, Instagram, twitter, snapchat.