School Information

Why choose Rhydywaun?

To enable every pupil to develop to his/her fullest potential academically, socially and physically.
To enable every pupil to appreciate moral and spiritual values.
To enable every pupil to communicate successfully through the medium of Welsh and English, emphasising Welsh in particular as the medium of teaching and socialising.
To encourage every pupil to contribute according to his/her ability to the life of the school and the wider community, ensuring a clear awareness of the European community.
To prepare every pupil for the world of work.
To provide equal opportunities for all pupils without discriminating on the basis of ability, sex, race or religion.

What is the school ethos?

At Rhydywaun we intend to offer an education of the highest standard possible which tries to answer the needs of the individual within a supportive, happy and totally Welsh environment.  Every pupil will be encouraged to develop self respect and a positive, responsible attitude towards life in general.  The school has a strong work ethic and aims at motivating all pupils to achieve their very best at all times. The Welsh ethos of the school reflects the moral, spiritual and cultural heritage of Wales and provides a framework for the life, language and mission of the school.

Language Policy!

The official language at Rhydywaun is Welsh and this is the language of teaching and assessment in every subject other than English.  Every pupil will study Welsh as a first language to external examination level. Your child will be totally bilingual.

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